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Comprehensive Counselling Services Tailored to Your Needs

Christine believes in the inherent value of all people. She aims to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where individuals can ease their burdens, reflect on their past, and make plans for their future. She provides attentive therapy services, personalizing her methods depending on the unique needs of each client.

Individual Counselling

There are many reasons you may be considering counselling.  Maybe you are stuck and need a change…but you don’t know where to start. Individual counselling may be what you need…to first unburden yourself of the stress, and then explore what it is that is making you feel like you’re no longer control of your life and your emotions. Some reasons you may seek Individual Counselling are:

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Addiction and Disconnection
  • Life Adjustment
  • Anger and Communication
  • Grief and Loss
  • Poor Coping Skills
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Relationship Difficulties

Family Counselling

Families can be complicated. Misunderstandings can happen and cause tension with even the youngest members of the family. That is why we offer comprehensive family therapy, making sure the perspectives of each person in your home is heard, acknowledged, and understood.

Child Therapy

Children often struggle to express their needs in words and may behave in undesirable ways when they need support. The goal of counselling is to understand what your child is communicating through their behaviour, and to help to meet those needs.

Christine is experienced in working with young children from ages six and up, helping those struggling with:

  • Attachment Disruptions
  • Anxiety
  • Social Skills
  • Grief and Loss
  • Autism, ADHD and Neurodiversity
  • Communication
  • Coping Skills
  • Friendships

Healing Through Play

Children naturally express themselves through creative play. We provide a selection of toys, art supplies, and a sand tray to help kids express their feelings and learn new coping skills. Family members may also be requested to join some sessions with their children to try some attachment-based exercises and put together action plans to support their growth and healing.

Friendly Reminders

Please note that Christine does not conduct parental capacity assessments, nor does she get involved in high-conflict parental separation cases. She reserves the right to decline a child client referral based on the issues presented and can refer them to other service providers should their needs be outside of her treatment scope.

Christine does not provide diagnostic services and cannot provide medical type notes.  She does not complete paperwork for disability claims.

Life Story Counselling is not a crisis support service.  If you or someone you care about are in a crisis situation, please contact a crisis service or nearest emergency centre.

Couple Counselling

Poor communication can be a big problem with couples. It can lead to arguments, hurt feelings, and broken hearts. If you and your partner are struggling and would like to work together to figure out the future of the relationship, then couple’s counselling may be for you.


Christine has extensive experience in the field of rehabilitative case management and can work with clients. She will work with you to develop realistic, goal-oriented, and personalized plans to reach your desired potential.

Anger Management

If anger has negatively affected your personal relationships, ability to maintain employment, or lead a fulfilling life, you may benefit from our Anger Management Program. The premise of the program demonstrates that anger, although often destructive, is a normal emotion that gives us energy. Our goal is to transform this energy into productive behaviour that helps us achieve healthy personal, social, and career goals.

Evidence-Based Methods

This program provides an evidence-based method to train individuals in the effective methods of managing anger. The approach is based on resources provided by the Anger Management Institute based in Oak Brook, Illinois and has been approved and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).

Program Details

The Anger Management Program is currently offered to individuals or couples and can be scheduled by the session or by the hour. Participants will be assigned specific assignments that are to be completed before the next session resumes. The entire program may take an average of four-six sessions, depending on how the client manages their time in session and with the activities required to complete the full program.

Group Sessions

There are currently no anger management groups scheduled. However, in the event that there is a need for one, group sessions may be scheduled. It shall be facilitated by Christine who is a Certified Anger Management Specialist-II, along with another Certified Anger Management Specialist.

Fees and Payments

Each one-hour session costs $120 and is payable after the session.

Methods and Reminders

We accept payments through cash, debit and credit card.  For those who prefer e-transfer via Interac, payments can be made to Christine Dela Cruz at her email address, [email protected]. Receipts will be provided once your payment is received.

Direct Billing

Christine is a Registered Clinical Social Worker with various government-sponsored counselling programs that provide direct billing.  Direct billing to insurance companies affiliated with Telus e-claims is now in place.  Please contact Christine to inquire if your insurance company is eligible for direct billing.  If your insurance company is not covered with Telus e-claims, you will need to pay first and claim for reimbursement.

Insurance Coverage

Please review your insurance policy carefully to ensure you have appropriate coverage. For those claiming medical expenses on income tax returns, we would like to inform you that Registered Social Workers are authorized as medical practitioners under the Income Tax Act.  You will be provided with a detailed receipt which may be used to claim reimbursement from your private plan.

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24-hours’ notice for those who cannot keep their appointment. If you do not provide sufficient notice or do not show up for your session, you will be charged the full hourly rate for the amount of time you had booked.

If you will be late, please call or email to let us know.  We will wait 15 minutes past your appointment time.  If you do not arrive/have not contacted us, your session will be forfeited and considered a no-show.

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